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A Gallery of Wildlife in Kerry Ireland

Wildlife Gallery

Wildlife in Kerry: Seeing animals in their natural environment in the Killarney National Park is always thrilling. Unspoilt and unpolluted, Kerry is one big nature reserve. Kerry has so much to see, from the mountains and lakes to the rivers that run with salmon.

Red Deer in Killarney National Park Red Deer in Killarney
Puffin - Skellig Islands Puffin on Skellig Islands
Wild Goats in Kerry Wild Goats
Kerry Mountain Hare Kerry Mountain Hare
Horses on the Muckross Traditional Farm Horses on the Muckross Traditional Farm
Humpback Whales off the Kerry Coast See Humpback Whales
grey seal Seals on the Kerry Coast
Unique to Kerry and it damp forests The Kerry Slug
Gannet Colony off the Kerry Coast Gannet Colony